Visuals are a powerful marketing tool and a key part of your social media strategy. Are you utilizing them on your social platforms? You should be using visuals to share your message, whenever possible.

Essentially, visual content – pictures, videos, infographics, graphics, etc – is eye-catching to your followers and engages your audience.

Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction when it comes to your visual marketing strategy:

Be Organic!

  • Take the time to create content that is original to you – Content created from scratch, that hasn’t simply been repurposed from somewhere else.
  • Do your best to avoid the overuse of stock photos.
  • Include your customers in the mix and post photos of real people. People connect with authentic images, and it gives you a chance to humanize your brand!

Be Consistent!

It’s important to be consistent. Not just in the amount of times you post, but in the way you brand yourself.

Let’s start with colors! Does your company have a signature color or two? Utilize them in your images, logos, etc. Think: Coca-Cola (red) and UPS (brown and yellow). You immediately connect these brands with the colors you consistently see associated with them, the colors they’re known for.

On the same wavelength, consider the filters you use. Find a good one and try to stick with it! This can help provide a sense of consistency across the board when viewers look at your socials as a whole.

Be Emotional!

You have the power to influence emotion through your visual content!

How does the image above make you feel? We’re betting a little bit of your heart melted. Consider how you want your audience to feel each time they view your content and do your best to convey that feeling through your photos! They’ll remember how it makes them feel and your brand will come to mind when they feel “that way.” Not to mention, emotions influence our decision-making process.

Don’t Post Just To, Well, Post!

Don’t post visual content just to put something out there! Make the effort to think about what you’re putting out on your social platforms.

  • Make the most of your place in the social media world! Post visuals that are compelling and relevant to your brand.
  • Make it look good!
  • Keep size in mind! Make sure the image fits the platform. Canva is a wonderful resource for this.

Fact: the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text without visual content. If that doesn’t make you want to step up your visual game to grab your audience’s attention, I don’t know what will!

You have the chance to see an increase in your social media reach, engagement, and in your following – take it! You’ll be glad you did.

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