Vague algorithms, data scandals, and oversaturation have left some B2B social media marketers frustrated by a lack of results, regardless of the quality of content being created.

Instagram has come to the rescue with a versatile, image-driven platform that can capture the personality of just about any brand. And, as a bonus, a lot of this can be achieved organically.

In the past, Instagram was known for being a millennials-only platform where people shared vacation and food photos. Though this was primarily true, smart marketers saw a way to capitalize on this niche (food bloggers, restaurants, caterers, etc.) by creating content around this lifestyle, along with sharing UGC (user-generated content) to encourage community.

Though Instagram is still mostly comprised of a 18 – 34 year old audience, Instagram is much more than beaches and dinners. Brands in many different B2B industries are seeing success with Instagram, from Shopify to MailChimp.

So, what should you be posting on Instagram as a B2B business?

Company Culture

Humanizing your content is essential for social media success. Remember, behind every business is a dedicated group of people making things happen. Sharing the culture of your brand will make your B2B client more confident in your processes. When coming up with culture content, consider snapping photos and/or videos of the following:

  • Day-to-day posts
  • Employee highlights
  • Community outreach events
  • Meetings with customers

Quotes & Statistics

Consider sharing pertinent information with your Instagram audience. Using apps like Canva & Adobe Spark, you can create branded, quality graphics that convey an important message.

Testimonials & Customer Stories

Testimonials are important tools that help consumers make decisions. Take the most helpful reviews as an opportunity to build trust with your audience on Instagram.

Product Demonstrations

Show your audience your product in action, whether it’s a video of the creation process or how it’s used in everyday life. How is your product different from what’s already available? How does it solve a problem? Demo videos are a great way to answer these questions visually.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the best forms of social proof. Using social listening tools makes it easier to find who’s having a conversation about your brand online. Reposting content that directly includes your brand gives your audience the recognition they are seeking and deserve.

Pro Tip: When reposting any content that doesn’t belong to you, it’s always best practice to reach out and get permission before posting.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are perhaps one of the best organic pieces of your Instagram strategy. You can (and should) use up to 30, but the quality of your hashtags is the most important factor. Think of what your ideal audience is searching for rather than being too literal with your hashtags.

Engage, engage, engage

Instagram is not a set it and forget it platform. Making meaningful connections through genuine engagement is essential to growth. The first step is to create a branded hashtag and encourage/lead conversations with your customers, employees, and followers.  

The second step is to reach out to relevant accounts through hashtags and location tags.  Starting or becoming part of genuine conversations with accounts in your niche is an important part of building trust with your B2B customers.

Instagram Stories

The best part of using Instagram for your B2B strategy is that there are multiple ways to garner engagement. Your feed should be your main focus, but utilizing Instagram Stories has potential to greatly increase your overall engagement rate. Some quick ideas:

  • Promote your latest post
  • Ask a question
  • Take a poll
  • Do a Q&A
  • Repost an influencer’s story

Are you utilizing this highly valuable platform and market? Having a dedicated social media manager means you don’t have to take the time to build and maintain your presence on a new platform. If you want to discuss how Instagram has potential to be a great addition to your B2B social strategy, let us know!