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SEFL is a top-notch trucking company based in South Carolina. Rich in history, with over 60 years of experience, Southeastern is committed to treating customers with respect while offering added value. As the company motto states – “Quality Without Question” – each associate plays a key role in everything they do.


October 14, 2014


Social Media



The company had only a minimal online presence as most of its marketing efforts had been focused on trade magazines and print media. The company website and Facebook page provided only a small glimpse into the true company culture. The client was very concerned about negative comments as well as how current employees would handle social media exposure.


Develop a solid digital plan that revealed the company culture, its people as well as promoted its industry experience to the online world. Increase company awareness by driving online traffic with a focal point being to increase new business conversions. Present the brand as a thought leader in the industry by promoting various customers and internal initiatives.

The Posse Approach:

Create a social media strategy that started with researching the competition, identifying entry points and new market potentials. List building and lead generation were also identified as a key component to the plan. Once outlined, we then began generating content that moved the needle all the while establishing a consistent brand message “Quality Without Question.” We monitored brand mentions on all platforms with our social intelligence software further ensuring a timely response to both customers and the overall community.

Key Successes: In the first 6 months of  implementation, audience growth per platform was increased.

Facebook  Audience Growth
Twitter Audience Growth
Google+ Audience Growth
LinkedIn Audience Growth
Website Traffic Growth
New Business Opportunities increased


The client was extremely pleased with the initial results – Southeastern’s social community became engaged as we began developing a raving fan base. They experienced solid growth on all platforms as well as seeing an increased lead generation via various modules and website traffic. Update 7/14/15 – Now 4 years into our relationship with Southeastern the transformation of their online presence has been nothing short of amazing. Their Google ranking for targeted keywords continues to grow at a rate of 20% every three month period. Their social ranking also continues to dominate for targeted industry terms. Our Social Intelligence monitoring also plays a major role with customer support as well as lead generation, as we continue to engage with the community across all platforms.

Client Testimonial: “The Posse team has done a great job of explaining each social platform to us. Thanks to that guidance, we can now better support and contribute to our overall social media strategy. This team continues to impress!”