How to Create Engaging Videos With Evergreen Content

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How to Create Engaging Videos With Evergreen Content

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Though video content is quickly becoming one of the most consumed types of content on social media, many brands are still hesitant or reluctant to get on board with video. There is a common misconception that video has to be expensively produced and staged, which keeps many businesses from embracing it.

  • “We don’t have the budget or equipment for video.”
  • “We simply don’t have the time to create video content.”
  • “I hate being on camera.”
  • “I don’t have anywhere to shoot a video.”

These are four of the most common things we hear the most when we encourage brands to incorporate video content into their strategy.

We get it. You’re busy running your business. There are phone calls to answer, meetings to attend, brainstorming sessions to take part in, customers to assist, product to move, etc.

The reality is, if your business isn’t regularly creating video, you’re falling behind. Video content is inherently necessary for your organic and paid social strategy. It’s no longer enough to be present on social media – making quality video content a priority is required to stay ahead of your competition (and stay relevant to your current clientele).

There’s good news – you can create video with content you already have! You don’t have to entirely recreate the wheel or invest in high dollar equipment to produce a quality video. Evergreen content is a great way to introduce your brand to video.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is exactly what the name implies it is – evergreen, or everlasting. Evergreen content is long-lasting and doesn’t have an expiration date, so the content holds its value. One of the most efficient ways to utilize evergreen content is by repurposing it into a video.

One of the biggest perks of using this format is that there’s not a script to write. The hardest part of the work is already done! Creating the video is the fun part.

Refer to the infographic below to discover a few of the easiest ways to create long-lasting, quality video content.

engaging videos infographic