When it first came on the scene, social media giant Facebook seemed like the next greatest thing since sliced bread. And let’s face it… it blew away MySpace and other up and coming platforms alike. It was something we simply hadn’t seen yet: a social platform that instantly engaged millions of people in a deep and meaningful way. We instantly had access to friends and family that we might otherwise not have contact with in such an easy manner. We began hearing from everyone. We became a hugely interconnected online society… one which Facebook set out to monetize.

Facebook + Businesses

With a captive audience in hand, Facebook set out to attract businesses to the platform with the promise of easy access to the platform’s community. Big companies like Coca-Cola, Ford, and Walmart, had long had the ability to reach tons of people online due to their deep pockets. Facebook, however, now offered the chance for smaller businesses to have the same type of access to similar audiences. Finally, small mom-and-pops and sole proprietorships could have their businesses seen by large numbers of people on the social networking giant.

This relationship, like many others, was great in the beginning. Organic reach – the ability to reach others naturally without the need for paid boosting and ads – was high. Small businesses were getting recognition and building that outreach they needed and deserved.

Fast forward just a few years.

Facebook has morphed into something much different than it was when it first started. Does it still connect people to friends and family? Certainly. These days, though, “fake news” and activism have run rampant across the network. Additionally, Facebook has been rocked with more than one recent scandal involving user data.

But what about businesses? Does Facebook still offer the same benefits to small businesses?

Well, actually it does. While organic reach has dwindled away to almost nothing, one of the things we see here at Posse Social Media is that businesses CAN still thrive on Facebook. Yes, it can take a bit more work – and the entire free to play idea has had to change – but the payoff can be worth it in the long run.

Remember, new customers and clients are great BUT your return clients have a great deal of value. Getting your current client base on board with supporting your presence on Facebook can be greatly beneficial. They can become your outreach program.

With a bit of elbow grease and some creativity, you can create a presence that will have your current Facebook friends and followers sharing your content with their friends. Combine that with some well planned and placed Facebook ads, and you may be quite surprised at the results you can produce.

Are you on Facebook now and not seeing any forward momentum? Are you considering whether it’s worth your time and effort? Give us a shout and let our team develop a social strategy that can help you take advantage of the changing landscape of social media marketing.