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3 Types of Videos to Post on Facebook & Instagram

Between 2016 and 2017, views of video content on Facebook increased 258%, and the powers that be at both Facebook and Instagram have capitalized on this video revolution. If you aren’t taking advantage of the reach and engagement that video can bring to your brand’s social media profiles, what are you waiting for? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best type of video to post for all of the different places video can be posted [...]

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How to Create Engaging Videos With Evergreen Content

Though video content is quickly becoming one of the most consumed types of content on social media, many brands are still hesitant or reluctant to get on board with video. There is a common misconception that video has to be expensively produced and staged, which keeps many businesses from embracing it. “We don’t have the budget or equipment for video.” “We simply don’t have the time to create video content.” “I hate being on camera.” “I don’t have anywhere to [...]

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Effectiveness of Mobile Video for Social Media

  It’s no secret that video content dominates on social media. According to Buffer, online videos will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 and, every day, more than 8 billion videos (100 million hours) are watched on Facebook. Businesses big and small should be embracing video content as Facebook continues to change their algorithm to put more value on video rather than photo or article posts. With so much emphasis being put on mobile [...]

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Still Nervous About Live Video?

We constantly hear a recurring message: live video is intimidating. Make no mistake about it, becoming comfortable in front of a live broadcast is a common challenge for both novice and advanced video bloggers. Most people cringe when you mention broadcasting live on Facebook. They seem to be focused on trivial things like how they look on video or flubbing their lines. Fear can paralyze most marketers from taking action. Along with fear of being on camera comes an uncomfortable [...]

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Great Video Content Is About Being Authentic

Bob Dylan famously said, “The times they are a changin.’” While it’s a decades-old reference to political and social change, it definitely applies to the fast-paced evolution of social media content, which video has come to dominate. There’s no longer denying that the shift into video-dominated content is the new standard for digital marketing. For small businesses, this can be an intimidating feat, and many tend to assume they don’t have the resources to make video content. Some are just [...]

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Justin C | Music Artist

The crew at Posse Social Media were amazing when it came to producing my video interview. It’s always important to show your best, and they certainly helped me do that! I would recommend their services again and again. Justin C Music Artist

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