Content Intelligence & Your Content Strategy

Part of your social media strategy is a comprehensive content strategy -- a plan to create, publish and control usable content on social media. It is your plan for providing your audience with consistent, valuable, and educational information in the form of blogs, graphics, videos, podcasts, infographics, social media posts, and more. If you already have a content strategy, great! This blog can help you improve on it and show you how effective content analysis can help you make your [...]

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4 Perks of Hiring a Social Marketing Agency

If you haven’t worked with a social marketing agency before, you likely have many questions about how the relationship works. When choosing to work with an agency, you are taking the first step to a partnership that strategically guides your business to social marketing success. How do I know if an agency is the right fit for my business? Whether you’re looking for consulting or full-on social marketing strategy and implementation, a social marketing agency can serve your business in [...]

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