Why WordPress? When someone asks us what we do here at Posse Social Media, the easy answer could be “a lot.” This doesn’t really do our offerings justice though. From social media and reputation management to mobile and video marketing. We help clients fill a great number of their different needs from an online perspective. One area that is of special interest to myself is that of web design and implementation. I love the process of working with clients closely in order to produce a website that both looks great and that performs well. The question that I get quite often though is, why WordPress? The answer is quite easy actually.

Ease of Use

Building in WordPress allows us to create a site that is easy to maintain and utilize by most anyone. It is very clean and straightforward on the back end making page and post creation a snap. Need to drop in a new blog post about your event? How about adding new pictures to your portfolio? Even adding new menu items and changing out old ones is quite simple. This is important as one of our goals is to ensure that you end up with the power to control your own site. Too many times we have seen other companies build a site for a business only to withhold full access for whatever reason. This is very problematic on so many levels. That is why building a site that you can feel you have a full handle on is a must.

Ease of Build

Let’s face it, building a website takes time no matter how simple. The problem with a hand coded site is that many times there can be a lack of functionality that you might have otherwise appreciated. Maybe you want to offer appointments through the site or have it set as an eCommerce portal. With WordPress, there are a vast number of programmers who have already written everything needed to add each of these into the site without incurring the cost or time it would take to do so from scratch. This can also help keep the cost of building your site down as well.

Easy To Update

What happens to your website each time a major change in coding standards takes place? How about when a particular type of code becomes vulnerable to hackers? Because of the open source nature of WordPress, there are innumerable people constantly working on keeping the platform safe and functioning properly. The same goes for the most popular plugins that work with WordPress. Typically a simple click on an update button will take care of everything for you.

SEO Friendly

I am sure that many who are reading this article have heard about how search engine friendly WordPress is, and why that’s such a good reason to choose it. The question is why this is so. Matt Cutts, Google engineer supreme, himself said that WordPress inherently addresses many of the SEO issues that sites face. Also, with the addition of a plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast or All-in-One SEO you will find it infinitely easier to address SEO as far as your site is concerned.

Now, I could go on and on about how great WordPress is, and why you should use it. I won’t however since, as you can tell, I already have a great opinion of it. Rather, go ahead and contact us for more info on why this platform is the right choice for your new website. I and the team here at Posse Social Media are always ready to show you just how awesome WordPress can be.