Why do I need social media advertising?

We know social media advertising and online campaigns like the backs of our hands. As more and more people are catching on to the idea that social media is here to stay, it’s becoming harder and harder to find reliable numbers without paying to play. Over the last several months, Facebook has led the charge to gain the, well…charge. Stifling posts, burying results, and decreasing organic reach potential are all part of the platforms’ strategies to get business owners to pony up. But, for every move Facebook & the others make, there’s always a counter move. Posse has your back.

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Where do I start?

Google PPC? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Advertising is everywhere. Does that mean your business should throw dollars at all of the platforms? Not necessarily. That’s why we help you formulate an all-encompassing social strategy–one that includes any necessary advertising. We know that your business is unique, and it shouldn’t be treated like every other business. We look at your goals, your platforms, your audiences, and then formulate a plan to maximize all efforts, paid & organic. We’ll make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

What is the value of social advertising?

Just like with our social media management services, we offer comprehensive social media advertising reporting. But, we don’t just tell you what we did. We show you the value of those efforts, as they relate to your goals. And, we make recommendations for going forward. We set specific reporting periods when we start the ad campaign, but know we are always here to talk to you about the performance of your ads. After all, we love talking about all things social media.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My event needed that little something extra to help others find it online. Posse’s help with online advertising was just the thing. With a combination of Facebook and Google ads, I saw a huge increase in the number of attendees at this year’s event versus last year’s numbers.
Getting out there can be tough sometimes, especially when your online presence is still in its infancy. The team over at Posse Social Media helped me through the hurdles of online advertising with patience and skill. I will definitely utilize their experience again.
Steve R
Online Advertising