We’ve talked before about why business owners are not social media managers. Business owners must put so much focus into actually running their business that it can, unintentionally, become detrimental for them to try to create and implement a successful social media strategy that produces the results they are hoping for.

While DIY social media for your business isn’t impossible, having a dedicated social media manager can make all the difference in the world


A social media manager’s sole purpose is to help your business succeed on social media, which means they will stay abreast of all updates, trends, and breaking news related to social media.

While you’re busy keeping your business running smoothly day-to-day, platforms like Facebook are changing their algorithms. Do you keep up with all the changes Facebook makes? Your social media manager does!


A strategy is key to social media success. It consists of plenty of research on your industry’s presence on social media – including competitors, inspiration accounts, hashtags, best practices, and so much more – as well as a plan for content, detailed buyer personas, and an outlined budget for social ads.

A social media strategy is also a living document. It isn’t set in stone. Strategies need to be consistently updated to reflect the newest changes and trends in social media. Strategies need to be tested and tweaked often to find the right combination of posts, ads, engagement, etc so that your business succeeds online.

Sound like a lot? It is. A good social media manager will create your detailed strategy and implement it for you so that you can focus on what you do best – run your business.


Running consistent social media platforms is time-consuming. Although there are ways to save time while managing your profiles, there’s still a time commitment that must be met in order to see success.

That’s where having a social media manager or team handling your social media platforms comes in handy. You run your business, they keep your profiles updated, consistent, and successful!


The key to consistency on social media is the creation and implementation of a social media calendar. Your social media manager will use this to make sure relevant content goes out in a timely manner and your brand’s colors, fonts, and messaging are uniform across platforms. This ensures that your content stays relevant to your audience and your brand is recognizable. A social media manager’s job is to encapsulate everything that makes your brand unique and show it to your audience.

If you think you might not have the time and energy to run successful social media campaigns for your business in addition to keeping your business running efficiently, then you would benefit from hiring a social media manager, whether it’s through an agency or bringing someone in-house.

As a social media management agency, we act as your partner, not just a third-party vendor. We work with you to make sure that everything we do is on-brand and consistent with the social media strategy. We value your input as the business owner, because, at the end of the day, no one knows your business better than YOU.

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