If you haven’t worked with a social marketing agency before, you likely have many questions about how the relationship works. When choosing to work with an agency, you are taking the first step to a partnership that strategically guides your business to social marketing success.

How do I know if an agency is the right fit for my business?

Whether you’re looking for consulting or full-on social marketing strategy and implementation, a social marketing agency can serve your business in multiple ways, depending on your needs.

If any of the following struggles resonate with you, a social marketing agency might be your solution:

  • Sales are lacking.
  • You can’t keep up with how quickly social media changes.
  • Social marketing is taking up too much of your time.
  • Your current marketing efforts aren’t producing results.
  • You lack the funds to hire a full marketing department.

Perk 1: Expertise in Larger Numbers

One of the biggest reasons companies seek help from a social marketing agency is because of limited internal resources. They look to an agency to help fill in the gaps where they just don’t have the resources. With an agency, you have a proactive team that stays ahead of the curve. They are constantly researching, implementing, communicating, and putting best practices into play.

A digital marketing agency isn’t influenced by your industry competition or pre-existing bias. They can create messaging that focuses more on your target customer and their needs, while communicating how and why your company is the solution.

Internal teams have a wealth of knowledge about your industry and product. In fact, anyone with inside knowledge is a valuable asset to a social marketing agency. After all, who knows your business better than you and your team? However, when given the opportunity to create content for social, they often share content that contains too much industry jargon and the message is lost on the audience.

An unbiased outside perspective can help sift through all the unnecessary information while harnessing the ability to craft a professional, powerful message that resonates with your audience. Your social marketing agency has studied the psychological and emotional portion of marketing that is often lacking in the messaging of many businesses on social media.

Perk 2: Time & Productivity

If you’ve ever attempted to create, strategize, and run your own social media accounts, you know how daunting and time-consuming those tasks can be.

Social marketing agencies are focused on efficiency. Because they have experience managing multiple accounts, they have a proven system in place to ensure quality work meets deadlines and budget.

Perk 3: Cost

When you partner with a social marketing agency, your entire investment goes toward creation and production. Funds for webinars, continuing education, and production resources stays in your pocket. Also, refer to perk #1. Your cost is substantially lower than hiring an entire in-house team of professionals.

Perk 4: Results & Accountability

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is proving ROI from social media. Social marketing agencies are results-driven and are consistently checking data and analytics to ensure costs and results are on par with where they should be. Because they’ve done extensive research on your demographic and know which strategies and tactics it takes to reach them, they have content and testing down to a science.

Regular reporting keeps your agency accountable and keeps you informed on the performance of your content. Reports should contain:

  • Audience growth month-over-month.
  • Reach, impressions, and engagement (paid and organic).
  • Ad results (CPC, traffic to website and/or results of the ad objective).
  • Any other notable traffic numbers.
  • Comparison with competitor benchmarking.
  • Relevant industry news and plans to implement any new updates.

If you have any questions about partnering with a social marketing agency, we’re here to help!