For Pinterest, 2019 saw many improvements to the convenience and accessibility of the app. From how users interact with the desktop and app to collaboration with other users, here are some of the top updates of 2019 and what trends to look for in 2020!


In May, Pinterest debuted the Pinterest Windows App. Available in the Microsoft Store, the Pinterest Windows App allows an easier way to browse and save ideas directly from your start menu or taskbar.

After listening to user feedback, Pinterest has improved the site so that you have more control over what you see in your home feed with home feed tuner and Pin-level controls. You’re able to see, in one comprehensive view, the boards, topics, followed accounts, and recent history that contributes to your feed. Edit your preferences by using the toggle switches to turn on what you want to see more of, and turn off what you don’t. Pin-level controls allow you to see why a specific pin showed up on your feed and allows you to share feedback on why you hid a Pin so the site can learn what not to show you in the future.

And, not to be overlooked, is the new dark mode feature. This update makes the app easier on the eyes when you unwind and close out your day by scrolling endlessly through the site.

What to look for in 2020

Continued updates to the usability of both the desktop version and the Pinterest app are sure to be rolled out in 2020. With Pinterest consistently updating the way users interact with the site, so, too, must brands be ready to tweak the way they post and promote on Pinterest!

Pinterest 100: The top trends to inspire and try in 2020

Pinterest Shop

Pinterest Shop, which launched in November, allows users an improved online shopping experience. This new feature allows you to discover small businesses and shop their unique products. At the launch, Pinterest picked 17 different small businesses to feature, with plans to expand to include even more businesses.

What to look for in 2020

Should you be promoting your products on Pinterest over Facebook/Instagram? Well, first take a look at the products you offer, and at your target audience. Pinterest has long catered to crafty, homemade/handmade, highly creative Pins and products. If this is your niche, a Pinterest strategy in 2020 is a must!

Group Board Features

This year’s update that we’re most excited about is new Group Board features. Pinterest added new collaboration tools for Group Boards to help users with planning and projects. This update includes reactions so that group members can show feedback, Pin sorting to prioritize favorite ideas and the ability to communicate with group members right on the board. Whether you’re working on a class project or collaborating on event planning, this update should allow things to come together more smoothly for the whole group.

What to look for in 2020

Tailor your Pins and their message towards the angle of collaboration. Show, rather than tell, how your products can be used to make someone’s life easier or solve a problem they have. Make them shareable! 

Wrap Up

If you already counted out Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy in order to focus on Facebook and Instagram, maybe you should rethink that. Let us know if you’re interested in using Pinterest to grow your business! We’re here to help you with all of your online marketing needs.