Have you been paying attention to what has been going on with Instagram this year? They made changes to the look and usability of the app, changes inside of create mode, and they even changed the way small businesses can sell their products!

So, it’s safe to say that 2019 was a huge year for Instagram. Here’s a quick review of some of the biggest updates to Instagram this year, and how these changes should affect your strategy for the new year.

Checkout On Instagram

Shopping was made easier with the launch of Checkout in March 2019. This feature makes it possible for customers to purchase a product right from the photo. Small businesses can apply for this feature, upload a catalog of their products, and tag the products in their Instagram feed posts AND Stories!

checkout on instagram checkout on instagram

What to look for in 2020

Since this feature has streamlined the process of going from browsing to shopping – without having to leave the Instagram app – we can guarantee that the trend of businesses using this app in 2020 will grow and grow! If your small business has a product catalog and you’re looking to grow your online client base, Checkout On Instagram is the best thing you can add to your social media strategy for the new year.

Updates to Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories feature of the app is now used by more than 500 million people every day! Just this fact alone should convince you to add Stories to your social media strategy!

Stories are no longer simply 24-hour disappearing photos that your friends post. They are an interactive way for brands to encourage their followers to engage with the brand, purchase products, and submit feedback. Back in May, Instagram launched a way for users to ask their followers to donate to a charity or cause

“You can create a fundraiser and mobilize your community around a cause you care about, with 100% of the money raised on Instagram going to the nonprofit you’re supporting.” -Instagram

instagram donation sticker

What to look for in 2020

Plan to increase your use of Instagram Stories! Take advantage of the many interactive options Instagram offers, and expect them to add even more ways to use Stories. And don’t forget to add Highlights to your profile!

Hidden Likes

This past July, Instagram began testing hidden likes, meaning a post’s total like count was not viewable by the public (the user can still see their likes count). Why? Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said, “We don’t want Instagram to be such a competition.”

Basically, they want Instagram to be a safer environment for “sharing and mental well-being,” a place where users and followers are more focused on the quality of content rather than how many likes a post may have.

instagram hidden likes

What to look for in 2020

We will likely see Instagram roll out this update to more and more regions, so expect to see brands and influencers refocus their content to be more authentic. Though users won’t be able to see like counts, you will still have access to that information in your brand’s account analytics.

Wrap Up

Every update Instagram makes should be taken seriously. Whether it just be to the look and usability of the app or to the features available to content creators. Each update offers a new opportunity to reach current and potential followers, encourage engagement, and even change the way you do business.

As a social media management company, we are always on top of each and every change made in the world of social media marketing. Whether you’re looking to outsource your social media management, or you would like someone to consult with that knows what they’re doing, we’re here to help.