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Social Media Management And More

To Be Accepted Socially You Have To Interact Socially! Let's Face it... Social Media takes time which is a valuable commodity. We understand! So, how do you find sufficient time to devote to your social media efforts and still have time to take care … More

Wordpress Web Design

Web Design Services

When it comes down to it your website is the central focus for almost every form of online marketing campaign when doing business online. Your website is a direct reflection on your business. When potential clients/customers see your site they will … More

Film roll in dark room | Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing

Online Video Marketing is a HOT topic! Just imagine - Products and services that are featured in video have over an 80% chance of being purchased. 4 BILLION videos are watched online EVERY DAY. Almost 70% of viewers go on to SHARE video. Statistics … More

Mobile Marketing | Posse Social Media

Mobile Strategies | Posse Social Media

Our Mobile Integrated Clients Are Experiencing Explosive Results! Mobile usage numbers and their respective results are absolutely mind blowing. Amazingly, these numbers continue to grow at an exponential rate. History teaches us that businesses … More

Reputation Management compass

Reputation Management

Your Social Reputation Can Make You Or Break You! A strong positive online reputation can take many years to build; yet, in today's market it can be damaged or even destroyed in a matter of minutes. It's more critical than ever to be aware of  what … More

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Services Overview

When it comes to offering a full compliment of social media and web based services, Posse Social Media has you covered. Our services include everything from social media management and training to web design, online video and mobile marketing, email … More

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Ahh, My Daughter Asked to Join Social Media

As a mother of two I have struggled with the decision to allow my children to use social media. My daughter started asking if she could join Facebook when she was 10. Thankfully, Facebook requires you to be at least 13 to set up … More

Meet Team Posse Part 1 | Social Media Roundup

The Team Makes Posse Go! This episode introduces three of the most recent additions to team Posse. Morgan Cretella, Rebecca Jacobs, and Josh Johnson. Learn more about what each does for the team and why they love it … More

How to fail at social media

Sometimes fear is what holds us back from reaching our full potential. We hear it in questions from our clients all the time. What tone should I use? What messages should I avoid? What if I post too much/not enough? From the … More

Social Media and the Law | Why Criminals Share Online

Recently, an inmate was able to escape from Lancaster County sheriff's deputies. Important, but not exactly something that doesn't happen from time to time, right? One big difference here though... After his escape, the inmate … More

Pinterest Lingo You Should Know

So you’re new to Pinterest? Congratulations! But wait … Do you know what a pin is? What about a repin? You’re in luck, the lingo is pretty easy to learn and I compiled a list right here to give you a head start. A pin is an … More